FromSoftware’s new PS5 game is more ‘Souls’ than Elden Ring / Sekiro

It’s not Bloodborne 2 (but hopefully it is), or so the rumors about rumors say . Apparently, FromSoftware is working on a new exclusive video game, in this case for PS5, as its post-project to the highly anticipated Elden Ring . There is still nothing officially confirmed, but an insider who has shown to have very good sources has reinforced the existence of this project.

Will FromSoftware really make the leap to PS5 exclusivity?

This is what has been said to date about the supposed new exclusive from FromSoftware for PS5, both by Shpeshal_Nick (the insider in question), and with other posts on Reddit that had been pointing towards this project for months:

  • FromSoftware’s new project would be exclusive to PS5 .
  • This would be more similar to the ‘Souls’ brand than to Elden Ring / Sekiro .
  • What could this imply? A gameplay more ingrained to the classic FromSoftware tone , without the transversal that we discovered in Sekiro or the ability to use mounts like in Elden Ring.
  • The codename of the game would be Velvet Veil .
  • There is no information around when and how it could be revealed, although the supposedly imminent State of Play seems to be a scenario to consider.

Given this, if I had to venture to a bet of my own, I would think that logically neither PlayStation nor FromSoftware have completely ignored the cries for a Bloodborne 2. However, I think it is quite clear that ‘From’ wants to leave that delivery as a unique journey because of how special it was, and this new proposal within the framework of PS5 would possibly seek to rely on it, but with a different essence.

In any case, again, at the moment all of this is nothing more than a compilation of rumors and speculation. Hopefully on August 19 we will get out of doubts , a day that for one reason or another seems to be gathering many possible announcements in the video game industry.

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