Genshin Impact PS5 is unable to sustain 60fps. Comparison of graphics and loading with PS4 Pro

You could check the preliminary graphical comparison of Genshin Impact on PS5 and PS4 earlier, in the last days of April. Now, however, the subject has been comprehensively approached by the DigitalFoundry editorial staff, which thoroughly analyzed the graphical improvements in the Chinese RPG, which is still very popular.

DigitalFoundry focused primarily on the smoothness of the animation in Genshin Impact on PS5, because – as you know – the game on PS4 and PS4 Pro had huge problems with this aspect of graphical performance. So what is the situation on the PS5, the version that works in native 4K resolution? First of all, it has to be said that the most noticeable visual difference is the extended object drawing radius and the improved LOD on the PS5, which can be seen perfectly in the 3:50 video below (“great improvement”, states DigitalFoundry about this graphic aspect). The rest of the graphics aspects, such as textures, shaders, and shaders, seem identical to the PS4 Pro.

What about the smoothness of the animation? PS4 Pro struggled to maintain 30fps – especially in cities. The situation is much better on PS5. Unfortunately, also on the new console Sony Genshin Impact does not maintain a stable 60 fps. In cities, animation often drops to around 45 frames per second. It looks like it would be better if the developers decided to lock on the 30fps level on the PS5.

A huge improvement can be noticed in terms of loading. Genshin Impact charges in 2 seconds in the same situation, and PS4 Pro takes 20 seconds for the same operation.

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