New Ghost of Tsushima Patch Adds Ability to Replay Camps and Duels, and New Animations

Ghost of Tsushima receives the Director’s Cut update today, but before this patch 2.04 arrived , which while remaining a marginal update compared to the other, however, introduces many interesting features to the famous Sucker Punch game for PS4 and PS5, including new ones animations, game options and more.

Patch 2.04 has been available for a few hours and prepares for the arrival of the Director’s Cut , but above all it introduces several changes that are also quite expected in the game systems and contents. From the point of view of gameplay, for example, the possibility of replaying every duel and every camp , including Khotun , is introduced .


  • Ability to replay every duel/camp including Khotun though this does not include the second Khotun fight.

  • Control mapping

  • Option to toggle lock-on in the menu (Up on the D-Pad)


  • Jin has a slightly longer bowing animation.

  • New assassination animations

  • New icons for stealth, defense, and ranged charms.

  • Option to hide quiver

  • New sword animation (one being an animation only seen exclusively after the ronin duels.

  • Vocals in haiku now play thru control speakers?(Still need to verify if this was available beforehand)

  • Elegant Ghost Mask no longer resets your ghost armor to default black

  • Fox-kun has a updated model, also, new petting animations.

  • No more colored button prompts. Sadge.


  • Two monks can be found on a road near Akashima that ties in to the Iki expansion.

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