Ghost of Tsushima seems to be the second most awarded game of 2020, after Hades

Ghost of Tsushima seems to have reached the second position in the particular ranking of the most awarded games as the amount of “GOTY” awards received, at least according to what is reported by the Twitter account PlayStation Studios News, therefore certainly not an official source.

In second position there was until recently Hades with 64 awards received in recent months by various newspapers and organizations, but it seems to have been overtaken by Ghost of Tsushima which has collected 65 , thus positioning itself in second position at a huge distance from the first, which stably remains The Last of Us 2 with over 300 Game of the Year awards received.

The proliferation of Game of the Year or GOTY is a growing phenomenon in recent years, considering that they have increased dramatically: since it is not a unitary measure, given that single newspapers, associations and various organizations are taken into consideration for these awards. internet sites and whatnot is not easy to keep track of precisely who wins something and who is awarding the prize, but evidently there is someone who manages to keep an accurate count in this chaos.

With the second and third positions still open to the challenge between Ghost of Tsushima and Hades, the one that remains decidedly calm is The Last of Us 2, considering that it is unlikely that anyone will be able to threaten its primacy, given the amount of GOTY received for 2020.

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