God of War: Ragnarok will be a single camera shot from beginning to end, like its Predecessor

Narrative director Matt Sophos confirms that the entire game will be a single camera shot from beginning to end, just like the 2018 instalment.

Like the predecessor, the new adventure of Kratos and Atreus in God of War: Ragnarok will also be shot with a single sequence shot . The confirmation came from Matt Sophon, narrative director of Santa Monica.

Following the new gameplay trailer for God of War: Ragnarok presented on the occasion of the PlayStation Showcase, many new details have arrived on the new exclusive PS4 and PS5, such as that there will be no Cory Barlog in charge , which “will be the finale of the Norse saga of Kratos ” and that Thor will be a little” out of shape ” .

In response to a fan question on Twitter, Matt Sophon confirmed that God of War: Ragnarok will be “one, unbroken sequence”. This means that, like the predecessor of 2018, the adventure will be designed to ensure maximum continuity and compactness of the experience, without cuts , loading screens or cutscenes disconnected or in computer graphics. Which is also one of the aspects that clearly distinguishes the new God of War genre with the classic trilogy.

God of War Ragnarok will be available exclusively for PS5 and PS4 during the course of 2022 . 

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