God Of War 2018 is the kind of narrative-driven high-fantasy game I’ve been wanting to play for so long, but could never really find until now. The amount of creativity, along with the quality of the writing in this game is just incredible.

I absolutely love the high fantasy genre, but honestly, it’s been pretty hard to find what I’m looking for in most media. There aren’t that many high fantasy movies out there, unless it’s part of an already existing major series like Star Wars. And until now, I’ve only owned a Nintendo Switch, so high quality narrative wasn’t really an option in most of the games I played. So for a while, I just stuck to reading Brandom Sanderson’s books to fuel my high fantasy desire…..but finally, my PS5 shipped, and I jumped right into God Of War 2018 a few days ago.. And holy shit, this game is awesome!

The combat is easily some of the best I’ve ever played, and I’ve decided to play it on “Give Me A Challenge” mode for my first playthrough. Sure, I’m dying a lot, but the combat is so clean and refined that everything feels like a fair fight. But gameplay aside, it’s the characters and the world that really define this game for me.

The relationship between Kratos and Atreus really helps get me invested in the plot. From Kratos’s fear of showing emotion to his son, and Atreus’s fear of not living up to his father’s expectations. It’s a pretty emotional story, and I’m not even halfway through. And the lore man, it’s really freaking good! The writers took the Greek and Norse lore, and re-wrote it to fit the plot, and everything just ties in so well.

And the world, man the world! This game’s art and design is just full of creativity and life. The designs of the environments, the monsters, even the little details like Kratos’s Leviathan Axe and his uniform. Everything about this game just screams creativity. This game’s artistic design really pushes the high fantasy aspect to the max. The game manages to keep it’s dark, grim tone, while also filling the world with vibrant, colorful scenery. This is the kind of adventure filled high fantasy game I’ve been wanting to play for so long!

Sorry if this post sounded a bit circle-jerky, but I just had to talk about this game, because it is easily my favorite game ever, and I haven’t even finished it. Right now, I’m at the part where I shot this boar, then met this Witch lady, who to put it simply, is not happy that I shot the boar. But even when I’m only a few hours in, this game has easily gained my attention. The writers and directors at Santa Monica studios have my respect, these guys are most definitely some of the most talented people in the high fantasy genre ever!

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