God of War (PS2) was initially thought in the first person, according to its creator David Jaffe

God of War (PS2) was initially thought in the first person, according to its creator David Jaffe

The 2005 God of War, the first, was originally intended as a first-person game, according to its creator David Jaffe.

There is always room for ” what if …? “, Like the Marvel series , but now in video games. For example, like this one by David Jaffe revealing that the first God of War was originally conceived as a first-person title .

You are not reading wrong, at first we were going to be an action title from Kratos’ own view . That is, at least, what its creator has revealed and that they considered for a few months .

These considerations come to us from David Jaffe himself through his YouTube channel . In a video, he talks about his time in the industry as the director and designer of 2005’s God of War .

In the video that you can see below, mention the fact that you have considered creating it as a first-person game for a while . But that, in addition, that idea was haunting his mind for several months.

For a [long] time, for about four… ehh, three months, I was seriously considering going first-person. And the game I was looking at was a Dreamcast game (I think I’m pronouncing it right, it’s called Maken X). It was not the world’s best game but it was one of the few games I saw melee combat done well in a first-person perspective. And I thought that would be a really cool way to differentiate ourselves.. But I think ultimately, it became difficult to get the kind of emotion and combat and character building that I was hoping to do. So I can’t fathom that idea surviving long enough to pitch it to Tim Moss, the lead programmer.

In the video he comments on some extra details, such as that the team decided on the third person when he saw a ” Devil May Cry or Ico demo ” during a DICE conference in Las Vegas .

As for the rest, as they say, it’s history. Although a God of War with Kratos in the first person would change the style of play and the way of seeing it a lot.

It is said that the PlayStation VR 2 would be in development and would arrive at the end of 2022 , could something similar come true ? Everything is speculative.


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