God of War Ragnarok will be at the PS5 PlayStation Showcase

God of War Ragnarok is expected to be featured at the upcoming PS5 PlayStation Showcase, according to well-known insider Nick Shpeshal.

God of War Ragnarok , or as the new chapter for PS5 (and PS4) will be called, is one of the main suspects as a presence at the new PlayStation Showcase on September 9, so it is not surprising that the insiders have already begun to confirm the presentation scheduled for the new Sony event.

In this case we are talking about a tweet from “Shpeshal Nick” , co-founder of XboxEra who lately is quite on the crest of the wave also with regard to rumors on PlayStation, considering that he has recently hit some arrival on PS Plus and other details.

Let’s be clear: its reliability is still widely questioned, considering that not all predictions have hit the mark, that at least one reference to God of War is expected for the next PS5 PlayStation Showcase on September 9th, we take it for very probable.

On the other hand, the game had even been announced for 2021, with a forecast that at this point is extremely optimistic by Sony, to put it mildly, so development should be well under way. The postponement to 2022 has already arrived for some time , along with that of Gran Turismo 7 and the announcement of its cross-gen essence, that is, the game will be released on both PS4 and PS5 .

At this point, after a tiny teaser that only showed a logo, the time should be ripe to see God of War in action, so it is quite likely that the game will be present at the Sony event perhaps with a video with gameplay , too. to rekindle the spirits after the numerous postponements announced by the company, which seem to leave this second half of 2021 uncovered of first party titles.

We therefore await September 9 to see what Sony has in store for the near future of the PS5, in what appears to be a big-caliber event for the company, not falling within the classic format of the State of Play.

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