God of War runs on Steam Deck – Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida is already playing it

God of War runs on Steam Deck – Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida is already playing it

Shuhei Yoshida is already playing God of War on the Steam Deck, as demonstrated in a photo posted on Twitter.

God of War works on Steam Deck and the confirmation comes directly from Shuhei Yoshida , former head of Sony Worldwide Studios and now Head of PlayStation Indies, who already has Valve’s “portable console” and is already playing the Sony title on it. , judging by the explicit tweet published in the past few hours.

It is no mystery that Yoshida already has Steam Deck, since he had already revealed, again via Twitter, that he is in possession of one of the first models of the Valve device, proudly shown through various photos. On the other hand, we know that Yoshida is first of all a great video game enthusiast, so in his spare time he often and willingly dedicates himself to this passion, despite it being his main job.

In the photo, the head of the indies on PlayStation happily shows his Steam Deck with God of War in the PC version running, among other things from a location and a position that could almost make him seem sitting in a moment of particular “comfort” . But beyond the situation, we can also take for granted the information that God of War obviously works well on Steam Deck.

It should be noted, however, that among the many answers there is also that of Neil Druckmann who seems to be somewhat “envious” of the executive Sony, replying to the tweet in a rather joking way.

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