GOW Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West trailers and updates next month

The announcement of the State of Play on July 8 confirmed the advances shared a few weeks ago by the leaker known as QuimSix. The “deep throat” decides to share what, in its opinion, are Sony’s plans for the next appointments dedicated to God of War 2 and Horizon Forbidden West .

From the pages of the Reddit forum, the self-styled leaker of Sony’s videogame division believes that the State of Play on July 8 is only the first of a series of events that SIE has planned between now and the end of the summer.

According to QuimSix, in fact, the next communication window that Sony intends to open to discuss the main games in development at the subsidiaries of PlayStation Studios will be entirely dedicated to God of War 2 or Ragnarok , the sequel to Sony’s Santa Monica PS4 masterpiece. Kratos and Atreus . The focus on God of War 2, according to the leaker, should take place during the month of August with the publication of a video .

Also based on the rumors collected by the self-styled Sony insider, by the end of the summer season we should also attend a State of Play event focused on Horizon Forbidden West , complete with an announcement of the release date on PS4 and PS5 . The latest rumors of QuimSix are already making the rounds of the most popular social networks and videogame forums, but as usual we invite you to take this kind of rumors with due caution which, as such, could prove to be completely unfounded.

Returning to the news, we remind you that the new State of Play event will be held from 23:00 Italian on Thursday 8 July , with 30 minutes of digital show that will have as protagonists Deathloop , independent games and third-party projects coming out in the coming months on PS4 and PlayStation 5.

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