Gran Turismo 7: ray tracing in replays and in the garage, dynamic weather and improved physics

Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that Gran Turismo 7 will support ray tracing in replays and in the garage, will have better physics and dynamic weather.

During some interviews released by Kazunori Yamauchi, new details on Gran Turismo 7 were revealed , such as support for ray tracing in replays and in the garage, improved physics compared to GT Sport and the presence of dynamic weather .

Speaking to Game Watch , Yamauchi explained that Gran Turismo 7 supports ray tracing in its PS5 version, but for the moment only in replays and in the garage .

” For now, you can turn on ray tracing in replays during gameplay as well and then see the demo stage and image with ray tracing applied in the garage, ” Yamuchi explains.

Speaking with GT Planet , however, the Polyphony boss explains that Gran Turismo 7 will have better driving physics than GT Sport.

” In terms of physics, of course, it is something that we have improved in the series over the last 25 years. In GT7 you will find greater precision. I think you will find it more natural, even more than that of GT Sport. “.

Gran Turismo 7, it will be possible to activate ray tracing in replays and in the garage

In an interview with Eurogamer , the presence of a dynamic weather system is also confirmed.

” In Gran Turismo 7, time and weather will change in real time. We have a system that simulates rain and generates water on the tracks. When a car passes over it, it will be” sprayed “on the sides and the trails left by the tires will dry out before other areas of the track. Humidity levels, air and track temperatures will also be affected by changes in the weather. “

In the same interview Yamauchi states that the damage system will be a slightly improved version of that of GT Sport, confirms support for cross-play between the PS5 and PS4 versions and responded with a “no comment” on the possible support for PlayStation VR.

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