GTA 6 May Have In-Game Cryptocurrency Rewards

An important claim has been made today about GTA 6, which the players are eagerly waiting for but never announced. Tom Henderson, one of the reliable sources of the gaming industry, who made a name for himself with his accurate leaks about unreleased games, stated that Rockstar will distribute in-game crypto money rewards in GTA 6.

Saying that he received important hearsays from a reliable name, Henderson emphasized that in some missions in GTA 6, players will be rewarded with crypto money instead of cash. In addition, Henderson said that Rockstar Games will also make the stock market feature available with GTA VI.

In addition, briefly touching on the in-game cryptocurrency, Henderson stated that it is unlikely that this currency can be called ‘Bitcoin’. Instead, the in-game cryptocurrency is expected to be named differently.

The release date of GTA 6 is still unknown. While the new GTA game is eagerly awaited by the players, some sources predict that GTA 6 will only be released until 2023.

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