Hades creative director says Returnal is one of his favorite games of the year

Hades , the Supergiant Games game , was released last Friday on Xbox and PlayStation consoles , so that the acclaimed indie roguelite would have more recognition. But the game’s creative director seems to have only flattering words for Returnal , for him it’s one of his favorite games of the year.

The Housemarque game was released exclusively for PS5 at the end of April and is held in high esteem by Gref Kasavin . Kasavin himself claimed to be quite infatuated with Sony’s recent console game, calling it ” one of his favorite games ” of the year so far.

Hades’ own creative director said the same thing in a recent interview with the ComingSoon. When asked about Returnal , he spoke highly of the game and even that he hasn’t been able to defeat the final boss yet .

” Returnal is one of my favorite games of the year so far, ” Kasavin said. ” I haven’t been able to complete the game yet, damn it, but I have played dozens of hours. I am very into this game, Housemarque is a very cool developer and I have been following her games for years .”

But Kasavin didn’t stop there, he talked about how Hades and Returnal have similarities in the roguelite genre and go in opposite directions. In addition to showing the breadth and potential that these types of games can have.

” Besides the roguelike structure and some narrative ambitions, Returnal and Hades are so different, especially with the point of view in the action, ” he commented. ” I loved how Housemarque brought his own point of view with an arcade and bullet hell style in a combat present in his other games .”

” That is without deviating from the roguelike structure, as it is a parallel with us. We have recovered some of the hack-and-slash of Bastion now with this gameplay .” Similarly, it talks about Dead Cells and Slay the Spire , two other games in the genre that have unique interpretations.

” When you create a game, you try to make it as unique as possible. We felt that there was enough space, despite the roguelike that there is and will be. In our case, we wanted to use the structure as a premise and tell a story to think about a scenario in the one that someone dies and returns, returns, returns … “.

” And Returnal explores that question as well, ” Kasavin ended up saying. Speaking of Hades and Returnal , he states that both games use the genre as the basis for telling a story ; something that has yet to be fully explored.

In addition, it seems that the lack of exploration was one of the main investigations by which Supergiant Games opted to make a game like Hades .

Source : ComingSoon

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