Halo 3 will receive a new map in Halo: the Master Chief Collection

343 revealed details about the next Master Chief Collection test and teased The Flood is coming to Firefight

There is good news for all Halo 3 fans , as the game will receive a new map in Halo: The Master Chief Collection 15 years after its original release on the Xbox 360.

If you are a fan of the Bungie franchise, surely you know that the saga lives its second wind thanks to Halo: The Master Chief Collection , a compilation that brings back the main remastered titles for old and new fans to enjoy the adventures of Master Chief.

If that were not enough, it has just been confirmed that there will be new content in Halo 3 , a title that Icebox will receive, a remake of the multiplayer map Turft from Halo 2  but in an icy version, all as part of season 8 of the collection.

It is worth mentioning that this map was originally recreated for Halo Online , but will now be present in Halo 3 , along with new collectibles in the campaign and the Halo: Combat Evolved HUD with support for 4K resolution.

Everything seems to indicate that this 2021 is a good year for the franchise, since it will close with a flourish when Halo Infinite launches next December 8 along with its multiplayer mode and campaign mode.

What do you think of this new content for Halo 3 ? Tell us in the comments.


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