Halo Infinite would have battle royale mode combined with the campaign; an insider reinforces the rumors and gives more details

The last tests of Halo Infinite caused quite a stir as players found a voice file in which a famous commentator says the words “Battle Royale” . 343 Industries still has not commented on this situation, but there are many indications that the developers actually want to offer players great duels.

Tom Henderson, who has already confirmed that he has access to many developers, mentioned an interesting situation – Halo Infinite is to receive a Battle Royale “closely related to the campaign”. The creators are to arrange the modes in “many ways” and players should avoid spoilers from the online variant if they do not want to spoil their learning about the events of the campaign.

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Will there finally be battle royale in Halo Infinite?

The rumor has been reinforced by the well-known leaker and insider Tom Henderson, who has gained a good reputation in recent months for having given accurate information on titles like Battlefield 2042 (and is giving a lot of information about Call of Duty: Vanguard, which still It remains to be seen if it is fulfilled), who has given the following details:

  • The royale battle of Halo Infinite will have elements related to the campaign of the game.
  • He says he does not know why this move is due, although it may be to encourage players to buy the full game and not play multiplayer alone.
  • However, he says that this is a mode that has been in development for many years and that it may be the case that it is not finally included, that it comes later or that it is released, which is something he does not know.

As I always say, let’s not take this as something absolute or official since it comes from a leaker that has little to do (that we know of) with the creators of Halo Infinite. Likewise, if true, it is a matter of time before 343 industries announce it, in which case at Gadgetcrutches we will be very attentive to inform you immediately.



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