Halo Infinite: Announced some updates of Season 2 from 343 Industries

Halo Infinite: Announced some updates of Season 2 from 343 Industries

Halo Infinite will receive many new features with the arrival of Season 2 and some of these have been summarized by 343 Industries.

343 Industries has published a general summary of the changes and additions that will be made to Halo Infinite with the arrival of Season 2 , although it is still a partial list and mainly focused on various corrections and updates.

Find the complete list of new features at this address , here we limit ourselves to highlighting some particularly interesting news, waiting to find out more since it is a still partial vision of what will come from here to the launch of Season 2 by Halo Infinite.

As for multiplayer , among the new features is the addition of the Catalyst map in the Arena, within various playlists from day one of Season 2, in addition to the King of the Hill mode. Attrition is also coming to various playlists, while as it changes the radar will have the ability to detect movements outside the range of action in social playlists.

On the Big Team Battle front , the new main addition will be Breaker, the new map that will be included on day one, fixed some problems with the asymmetrical respawns of the Weapon Racks and there will be the return of the voice of Jeff Steitzer to announce the conquest of medals in the match.

On the matchmaking front, the CSR progress bar reflects what has been done with respect to the most recent match and not the entire session of the player, also some bugs related to Custom matches will be fixed and some aspects of communications by the personal AI will be balanced to emphasize information most relevant to the player.

On PC, progress has been made and various reasons for crashes previously detected have been resolved, while on the networking front, in sandbox, hand-to-hand combat will be more consistent, with better physical performance, also weapons of this type will suffer a reduction of damage by 10%.

On the vehicle front , the Chopper’s collisions will be revised by increasing its effectiveness, the agility and damage of the Banshee will also be improved and the behaviors of Warthog and Razorback will also be reworked in order to make them more resistant and less prone to overturning. Various news concern further options for accessibility and various other changes for each game mode, but for all the information we refer you to the Halo Waypoint post .

For the rest, we have seen that there is content inspired by the TV series Paramount + , while the long wait for Season 2 has led 343 Industries to realize that players have lost their patience , hoping that the upcoming news will give new momentum.


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