Halo Infinite: The infamous “BXB” super punch is back in the beta

Halo Infinite re-introduces the infamous “BXB” super punch glitch, which returned to show itself in the beta before an inevitable patch about it.

Halo Infinite , among the many references to the classic tradition of the series, also features a less anticipated return, namely the infamous “BXB” combination which results in a sort of super punch capable of eliminating opponents quickly.

This is a glitch that has become historic, which should be corrected by an inevitable patch for Halo Infinite, but which in the meantime appears to be present in the trial version that is currently used by participants in the multiplayer beta.

This is a known trick already in Halo: The Master Chief Collection , which uses the interruption of an animation to create a kind of particularly powerful alternate shot. The sequence is a real combo to be done with the right timing and requires you to attack melee during a reload.

If the sequence is performed correctly, a sort of intermediate animation is created which however has an active hitbox and can be performed in quick succession causing a rapid loss of energy in the opponent, as also emerges from the videos that testify this characteristic.

It will most likely be eliminated with a patch from 343 Industries, but in the meantime it is having some fun for the community of players engaged in the Halo Infinite beta.

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