Halo Infinite, development team on the reveal: “we knew we weren’t ready”

Halo Infinite, development team on the reveal: “we knew we weren’t ready”

The multiplayer sector of Halo Infinite has finally been available for a few days, and since then the Xbox shooter has become the center of attention.

The title, which will be available within Xbox Game Pass , will become complete when the single player campaign is also available .

Unfortunately, there is bad news regarding the release of the co-op campaign, which will be postponed from the initial release date.

But if there is one thing we remember Halo Infinite for, it is certainly the first reveal , which sparked very uncomfortable memes and reactions.

The moment we first met Craig the Brute was decisive for the title , which was postponed at the time just to fix things.

Fortunately, 343 Industries was able to reverse the situation , and told the VGC microphones how it was to live this last year of work.

It turns out from the interview that, of course, the team has been working a lot on the most critical aspects of Halo Infinite in the last period. But there was also the opportunity to talk about the aforementioned reveal :

“we knew we weren’t ready last year when we showed, but we needed to be there for Xbox, we needed to show the gameplay, get people excited. We already had a long list of things we needed to improve and complete and we were fortunate to get that time from Microsoft and Xbox to finish those things and improve those things.”

An interesting detail regarding the discussed reveal, which demonstrates how much Microsoft probably had the referral ready in the barrel , despite everything.

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