Halo Infinite Multiplayer Season 1 ‘Heroes of Reach’ First Details

During the Xbox + Bethesda conference at E3 2021, details of numerous games already announced such as Twelve Minutes or Psychonauts 2 were shared, but without a doubt one of the highlights of the event was Halo Infinite . Fans of the Master Chief saga were eager to learn more about this new installment, and to their surprise they found the news that its launch will take place at Christmas this year (on PC and Xbox consoles) and with what its multiplayer mode will be completely free.

Continuing with its plan to periodically disclose information about Halo Infinite , 343 Industries published a new entry through the Halo Waypoint blog that officially introduces “Heroes of Reach”, Season 1 of the Halo Infinite online mode . Joseph Staten, one of the main creatives behind this installment, explained that they chose to orient the multiplayer to Reach because its history and location are key elements for all old and new Spartans who must deal with the enigmas of the universe after the events. of Halo 5.

Season 1 will feature events almost every week where activities will be mixed, and sometimes there will be big events where new actions will be added and free hints will be given to unlock corresponding rewards. More details on all of this will be shared later, especially on specific themed rewards called “Fracture . 

343 Industries’ plan is to change seasons on a quarterly basis, adding new gameplay, events, systems, progressions and customizations to each of them. With this, the developers want to ensure that users have a good time with Halo Infinite online , that they enjoy a wide variety of content and that above all they do not have time to get tired or bored.

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