Halo Infinite multiplayer info (E3 spoiler)

A lot of rumors are currently circulating about whether or not the Halo Infinite campaign will be at Sunday’s Xbox conference . Since the gameplay showcased last year, players have been eager to experience the game in a better light again, but while the campaign may not be present for this E3, multiplayer should be a hit. the part.

We’ve been reading a lot about Halo Infinite lately on the forums, and sometimes some pretty wrong things about it, or some pretty outrageous expectations that are putting too much pressure on the game.

With an additional development time of one year, the teams of 343 Industries were however able to polish the game like never before, and are preparing to release a solid campaign, but also a multiplayer mode which should be milestone. Our sources are clear, it would be the most ambitious free-to-play game that we have seen so far.

A game within a game

According to gadgetcrutches sources, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode will be the most advanced ever in an episode of the series. You can really see this one as a game apart, a complete entity of unparalleled richness in the series.

Remember that the multiplayer mode will be officially free, and that it will offer a framerate of up to 120 FPS. This is not a rumor here, but a confirmation from Microsoft that took place last summer.

The game continues to improve month after month, and one of our sources said she was impressed with the progress the teams have made in recent times. She told us that COVID or not, the game would in any case have been delayed given the work that remained to be done when it was presented last summer. In any case, you will have to expect everything that makes up the richness of a Halo multiplayer mode, and more. The game is also in continuous development with new features deployed by the developers every week.

Seasons and a Battle Pass for Halo Infinite

Our sources are clear, the image released by Xbox to promote Sunday’s Xbox conference actually represents Season 1 of Halo Infinite, which would then focus on Halo Reach and the Noble Team.

Like other games since, the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite would also be entitled to its Battle Pass with a hundred levels of progression and armor elements to unlock. The customization of the characters of Halo Infinite would also be on a level never before seen in a Halo and promises to make each player truly unique!

Very regular updates will take place during the seasons and we will find many modes long since disappeared, but also new ones.

A new and BIG game mode

Those who thought that 343 Industries would rely on the achievements of the license are wrong. A new game mode is expected to emerge and become the flagship of Halo Infinite multiplayer.

We will not mention the name of it or other details about it which will be discovered very soon, but it is indeed a mode of massive war, a more advanced evolution of the BTB that should be presented. in detail. Another important game mode should also present itself, but later, and according to the same sources, no Battle Royale mode is planned for the moment for Halo Infinite.

Multi bots

This is great news for the series, bots are expected to be introduced in Halo Infinite multiplayer. According to our sources, these can, for example, replace players who leave the games so as not to unbalance the teams.

It is not yet known whether it will be possible to adjust the difficulty of the bots, but it seems that private parties can also take advantage of these AI When we know the history of the Halo series in terms of enemy AI, we do not can only be impatient to find out what 343 Industries has prepared this time around.

While we don’t know Microsoft’s plans on this, there is some information in this article that could be detailed during the Xbox conference. Anyway, the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite looks really very promising and we can’t wait to discover in detail what could be the most successful free-to-play game on the market.

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