Halo Infinite: The beta bot teabag was just a bug, according to 343 Industries

During the course of Halo Infinite’s technical beta , some players have spotted mischievous bots performing the famous teabag gesture . Well, according to the words of the developers of 343 Industries, in reality it was just a bug.

For the uninitiated, the teabag is a gesture that players perform by rapidly lowering and raising their character above the body of the unfortunate person on duty. It is a goliardic way to make fun of the defeated opponent who over the years has depopulated in practically every multiplayer title. However, seeing it run by a bot is quite funny and many believed it was a gimmick by the developers to give some character to the artificial players of the Halo Infinite beta.

In an interview with Kotaku colleagues, 343 Industries explained that the execution of the gesture is actually just a technical error . “We haven’t explicitly programmed bots to tell them to teabag or taunt a player. Bots are supposed to be welcoming and fun to players of all levels and a feature designed to provoke them would be counterintuitive,” explains a studio rep.

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The teabag gesture of the Halo Infinite beta bots, according to the words of 343 Industries, is given by a collision problem that occurred when one of them tried to jump or vault near edges and stairs. At this point the bot entered a seemingly infinite animation of climbing / landing attempts, which resembles the gesture of the teabag.

Staying on the subject, in recent days the developers have promised that the performance of the PC version of Halo Infinite will improve significantly .

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