Halo Infinite will receive content inspired by the Paramount + TV show

Halo Infinite will receive content inspired by the Paramount + TV show

Despite some tepid reviews, the Halo television series shattered the record of views on Paramount + and also received the positive opinion of Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the first chapters of the videogame series. We weren’t surprised, then, when we learned about 343 Industries’ programs.

Brian Jarrard, Community Director on behalf of the development team, confirmed that Halo Infinite will soon receive content inspired by the television series . The head of the community has not revealed a precise date, but the impression is that we will not have to wait long before enjoying the crossover, which will probably offer a new mini-pass with themed cosmetics. The goal is to convince gamers to become passionate about the series, and vice versa . Viewers can already enjoy a flood of references to the Master Chief universe, so before long it’s up to Infinite users to get a taste of the TV series.

The concept of “non-canonical cosmetic items” was introduced in Halo Infinite multiplayer long ago with the Fracture event, which established an alternate timeline of the Halo universe. It was only a matter of time before the same thing happened with the television series, which takes place in what has been dubbed the “Silver Timeline” . To date, we recall, two episodes of the show have been launched: Contact and Unbound . Have you already seen them?

In these hours, Community Director Brian Jarrard has also had to respond to fans annoyed by the few updates of Halo Infinite .

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