PlayStation fans are spreading spoilers from the Halo Infinite campaign. It’s “Revenge for The Last of Us 2”

Last year, we witnessed a hacker attack on Naughty Dog’s servers, which brought important events from The Last of Us 2 plot to the Web. At one time, even Neil Druckmann asked not to forward the information , because, as you know, details about one of the characters of the game appeared among the specifics.

Now we are witnessing a very similar situation – but this time Microsoft’s game is affected. Joseph Staten confirmed the authenticity of the leak and asked players not to search for information.

We didn’t have to wait long for the “PlayStation fans” who feel aggrieved by the leak of information about Naughty Dog’s position to come to the fore . Fortunately, the self-proclaimed group is not very large, but they eagerly share the details of the events of Halo Infinite – as they say, it is “revenge for The Last of Us 2”.

“Now the folks in the Xbox community have got a taste of their own weapons,” wrote one player who describes himself as a “PlayStation fan” and is keen to forward details of the story from the newest release from 343 Industries.

So if you are one of the players waiting for the release of Halo Infinite because of history – beware of private messages or forum posts. This is how the details of the events are posted.

There is no shortage of opinions on the web that this is a “pointless console war”, and Halo enthusiasts did not stand behind the leakage of information from The Last of Us 2, but the mentioned group leads its vendetta.



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