Microsoft and Sony are among the most hated brands in the world

Microsoft and Sony are among the most hated brands in the world, at least according to Twitter. More precisely, to the analysis of millions of tweets conducted by RAVE Reviews, which has drawn up a ranking of the most hated world brands among the best known, dividing them into different categories.

In the global ranking, Sony was the most hated in ten countries, including some key ones like the United States. Here Microsoft follows at a certain distance, but will have the opportunity to make up for it in another ranking. Consider that we are talking about global brands , therefore not only related to the video game sector. This is why it is also possible to see the presence of car manufacturers such as BMW and Tesla, the latter second in the ranking.

Ranking of the most hated brands, drawn up by Rare Reviews

According to what reported by Rare Reviews, gamers are among the most convinced haters: ” No fandom loves to hate like gamers “. We had noticed. The amount of bile produced by gamers has crowned Ubisoft as the most hated videogame brand in the world, followed by Capcom. Nintendo appears to be among the most loved brands.

Microsoft, on the other hand, prevails in the ranking of the most hated tech companies , where it is first in 22 countries. Google and Facebook follow at some distance.

Of course, it should be noted that, starting from the analysis of the messages of a single social network, the study has several shortcomings. Nonetheless, the amount of material examined makes it interesting for understanding certain world trends.


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