Hideki Kamiya confirmed that Bayonetta will be seen naked in Bayonetta 3

Hieki Kamiya has confirmed that Bayonetta will be seen naked during Bayonetta 3 (let’s imagine in the same way as the two previous chapters) and took the opportunity to give the idiot to those who asked him the question, that is the fans of the game. How not to love him?

Let’s first read the question: ” Since Bayonetta’s clothes are magically created with her hair, when she uses them to summon hell demons it is possible to see her naked in the summoning circle, which was one of the strengths of the game. Kamiya-san, can we hope that this is also the case with the third chapter? “

Kamiya: ” Idiot, the answer is obvious. Yes, it will be. It’s not like I suddenly got the urge to act like a good guy.

So let’s recap: we will continue to see Bayonetta naked in Bayonetta 3 as well to the delight of the tremulous hand club; do questions to Kamiya is always dangerous to self-esteem; Kamiya has not become and will never become a good guy.

For the rest Bayonetta 3 remains a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The game will be available in 2022, on a date yet to be determined.


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