Hideo Kojima is still working on an Xbox exclusive

Hideo Kojima is still working on an Xbox exclusive

Despite rumors that Sony’s acquisition of Kojima Productions is certain, according to Jeff Grubb, the famous game designer is working on an Xbox exclusive.

During the latest Grubbsnax podcast, Jeff Grubb stated that Hideo Kojima is still working on a game exclusively for Xbox platforms , despite the recent hint that Sony is in the process of announcing the acquisition of Kojima Productions.

Let’s proceed step by step for those who don’t know what we’re talking about. In July of last year, Jeff Grubb had launched the rumor that Kojima Production’s next game will be an Xbox exclusive . After October, the well-known leaker Nick Baker stated that the project in question concerned an already known IP and not a new series. Just a few hours ago, however, the new version of the official PlayStation Studios banner appeared, which now also includes Death Stranding, thus suggesting the imminent entry of Kojima Productions in the Sony stable .

In today’s podcast, Grubb said that despite this latest clue, his sources claim that Hideo Kojima’s alleged Xbox-exclusive project is still up and running.

“Until a couple of weeks ago, the deal between Xbox and Kojima was still active. I don’t rely on the information I had last year, it’s more recent than that. The project is still active,” says Grubb, adding that the agreement between Microsoft and Kojima does not exclude a priori the possibility of Sony’s acquisition of Kojima Productions.

“Does that mean PlayStation couldn’t have acquired Kojima Productions? Not necessarily.”

In any case, at the moment we are in the realm of indiscretions and speculations, so take it all with a grain of salt until there is official news from Kojima Production, Microsoft and Sony.


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