Hideo Kojima didn’t want to name Death Stranding remake as ‘Director’s Cut’

The expression Director’s Cut , recurring in the cinema, is becoming increasingly popular in our sector. For those who do not know it, this variant allows the director of a particular work to publish a second version that is more faithful to its original vision , with fewer modifications or impositions from the publishers. It happened with Borderlands 3 , it happened with Ghost of Tsushima , it happened with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and, soon, it will happen with Death Stranding , although Hideo Kojima did not want it that way .

Hideo Kojima explains why it’s called Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

And, based on the definition given, and taking into account the completely different tone of the expansion with respect to the base game, the community was surprised that this was Kojima’s true vision around Death Stranding . Therefore, the Japanese creative has used his Twitter account that, in effect, branding it in such a way was not his idea , but there were a series of factors that led to the decision to spread it with that title.

Actually, the name “DIRECTOR’S CUT” is not my original intention. After the DS was released, we examined user behavior data and questionnaires, and improved it so that more people can have more freedom in delivery and adventure, and so that users can connect with each other.

Therefore, we can infer that the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding is not really the purest vision and unmodified Hideo Kojima about the project, but an issue that is more applicable to commercial and accessibility issues. However, we will not be able to confirm this first-hand until September 24 , the date on which it arrives on PlayStation 5.

Main news of Death Stranding Director’s Cut


  • Thrusters in the backpack for gliding
  • The robotic companion can do much more
  • A new hook to steal cargo from enemies
  • A ray gun
  • There is a new online ranking system for the also new shooting range
  • Stunts for the bike

Previously announced

  • New battles and enemies
  • New melee combat system
  • New firearms
  • Shooting range
  • New options for transportation (including ramps and more)
  • New story missions
  • Race mode with different circuits

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