Horizon Forbidden West May Be Delayed to 2022 – Rumor

With a single release on the market, the new Sony Horizon franchise managed to win the love of fans thanks to the great work Guerrilla Games did on the PlayStation 4. For this reason, fans are looking forward to the second installment, Horizon Forbidden West. , which will be one of the first PlayStation Studios games on PlayStation 5, as it will debut this year. However, information is circulating indicating that the title will be delayed and will not reach its debut in 2021.

Since the announcement of Horizon Forbidden West in conjunction with the reveal of the PlayStation 5 last year, Sony has mentioned that the next installment in Aloy’s series will be available in 2021.

However, there appears to be a change in plans, according to Russian insider Anton Logvinov. Through Twitter, a user shared a list in which he exposes a list of games that will not debut in 2021 due to being delayed. The interesting thing is that to this list Logvinov added Horizon Forbidden West.


You may be wondering who this informant is and why you should believe his information. Well, Logvinov (who has 616,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel ) gained notoriety by hitting a couple of leaks in recent months. This informant anticipated in 2019 the arrival of Horizon Zero Dawn to PC in February 2020, when no one was talking about this and that was later confirmed.

This draws powerfully attention, because curiously it would not be the only PlayStation game that could be delayed. We say this because the new God of War game raised suspicions, because, although it was also announced as a 2021 game, Sony did not talk about this new title in an interview when referring to games whose premiere was scheduled for 2021. We also remind you that Sony recently delayed the launch of Gran Turismo 7, which will arrive until 2022.

However, unlike Kratos’ new adventure, Horizon Forbidden West was one of the games that Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, just assured would arrive this year (although without a confirmed date), so more than one doubts the statements of this informant.

Therefore, we invite you to take this information with reserve, as there is reason to think that the next Guerrilla Games project could either be ready this year or it could be delayed. We will keep you informed.

Do you think the new Horizon installment will be delayed? Tell us in the comments.

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