Indiana Jones will be an Xbox exclusive

According to insider Shpeshal_Nick, Machine Games’ Indiana Jones will be an Xbox exclusive, so it won’t be coming to PlayStation consoles.

According to the insider Shpeshal_Nick, the ‘ Indiana Jones of MachineGames will be an’ exclusive Xbox . So there will be no versions for the PlayStation consoles, as initially assumed by more than someone.

In this case, the possibility that the game would also be released on PS5 was suggested by the fact that Indiana Jones may have been the subject of agreements between Lucasarts and Bethesda before the acquisition by Microsoft. Instead, according to Shpeshal_Nick, who boasts a large number of spot-on rumors on his resume, this will not be the case.

If it were all true, it would not be difficult to understand what happened: Microsoft may have negotiated the rights of the game to make it exclusive, so as not to risk having an release on PS5 after years of the acquisition of Bethesda. Unlike other games, such as Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo , Indiana Jones is still in the early stages of development and probably the agreements were not yet cemented, so it is normal that the Redmond house has done everything to not have it on the consoles of the competition. .

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