Katsuhiro Harada confirms Tekken X Street Fighter cancellation

Back in 2010, during the San Diego Comic-Con celebration, Bandai Namco surprised and excited the fighting video game fan community in equal measure by announcing Tekken X Street Fighter . This new crossover title would pit the characters of two of the best-known franchises of the genre against each other, but unfortunately, for the last eleven years there had been little news about its development.

A few years after its presentation, users began to wonder what had happened to Tekken X Street Fighter , and from Bandai Namco they reported repeatedly that the project was moving forward. Obviously, after having been completely unaware of the game for more than 7 years, fans lost hope and began to suspect that the Japanese company had shelved the matter. And finally, after 11 years of incognito, Katsuhiro Harada himself (Tekken director) confirmed that Tekken X Street Fighter had been canceled long ago.

This news comes directly from Harada’s Bar , a special program directed by the creative himself from a Japanese bar. During its last broadcast, Harada stated that the development of Tekken X Street Fighter stopped when they had made 30% of the final product. In addition, the director assured that they were working really hard on this project , and that they created modeling and character designs that fans would surely like, such as Chun-Li.

If it were up to Katsuhiro Harada, I would share all these materials and concept arts with the community, but since Street Fighter belongs to Capcom , it has its hands tied until they give the green light to the matter. And curiously, this other company was able to fulfill its promise by launching Street Fighter X Tekken in 2012, two years after it was announced at the same Comic-Con.

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