Koch Media will hold its conference on June 11

The summer calendar is filling up a little more. Publisher Koch Media has just announced that it will also hold its conference as part of the Summer Game Fest. See you on June 11 at 9 p.m.

Koch Media is a major player in video games. The company owns Deep Silver, a company that owns Volition, Fishlabs, Dambuster Studios and Warhorse studios. It is to these teams that we owe the Red Faction series , the various Saints Row episodes and Kingdom Come: Delivrance. We may therefore learn something new about one of these licenses.

In addition, Fishlabs is currently working on Chorus, a space shooter presented during the Inside Xbox in May 2020. The project is for the moment still scheduled for 2021. A precise date could thus be revealed. For its part, Dambuster Studios has taken over the development of Dead Islands 2 since August 2019 . This conference is therefore the perfect opportunity to present the progress made on the title. Also note that Deep Silver recently announced the return of Timesplitters and the reformation of the Free Radical Design studio. The game should however be absent from the event since it is only at the very beginning of its production.

Finally, a mysterious website has been set up by the publisher. The latter redirects to a Twitch page of an account with no activity and 22 followers. Response in less than two weeks!

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