Koei Tecmo announces Samurai Warriors 5

The developers of Koei Tecmo have announced a new arrival for a well-known franchise: Samurai Warriors 5 . The revelation of this new installment in the series was made during the last Nintendo Direct, but the title will also be released on other platforms including the Xbox One.

Koei Tecmo says  Samurai Warriors 5 will be a new beginning for the franchise with an all-new story. The character design will also be revamped and a visual overhaul will be in the game. This opus will take place during the Sengoku period, which will highlight characters like Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi, historical figures of the time.

The publisher will meet the player at future monthly meetings from February 25 until the game’s release this summer. You can find the first artwork of the game below.

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