Konami seems to have new Metal Gear and Castlevania games planned

The possibilities that a new Silent Hill is in development seem to unfold between romanticism, nostalgia and reality, as rumors come and go from different sources, although it cannot be denied that the franchise has made a lot of noise recently. All these paths start and end in Konami, a company not so close to its games division today, but which could perhaps give its IP a new opportunity, according to a recent report.


Yes, we know that there is a lot of unofficial information about Silent Hill and that you have to review everything that the insiders say, or those who assume themselves as such. However, when the information comes from reliable sources it is necessary to pay attention and it seems that there is a glimmer of hope for other Konami franchises, such as Metal Gear and Castlevania . As you know, today a Video Games Chronicle report ignited the hype around Silent Hill noting that a “prominent Japanese studio” is already working on a new installment; Well, this was not all since Andy Robinson, responsible for the report, updated it with information about Metal Gear and Castlevania.

According to Robinson, he was informed by trusted sources that Konami is willing to reactivate some of its video game IPs through the work of outside studios. In that sense, it is said that the Japanese company put a stop to this intention after the failure of Metal Gear Survive and Contra: Rogue Corps , but it would have changed its mind not long ago. This, according to sources, opened the door to new Metal Gear and Castlevania games , which would be in a very early phase of development and years to be revealed.

As we usually mention, this type of information should be taken with reserve since there is nothing official. However, this time we are not talking about an insider or a member of a forum, but rather the editor of a medium with greater possibilities of having sources within the industry. In any case, and considering that this is true, it seems that Konami could finally bend its arm to allow other studios or companies to take over legendary franchises such as Metal Gear and Castlevania , so we will have to wait.

What studios would you like to make a new Metal Gear and Castlevania ?

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