The Korean Witcher will be as “creative and unlimited” as the production of CD Projekt RED

We wrote about “The Witcher of Korea” for the first time on the portal last month . Already at that time, Krafton confirmed that it plans to create a great universe, and one of its inspirations is The Witcher – not only in the context of games or books, but also in the developed series, for which Andrzej Sapkowski, CD Projekt RED and currently Netflix are responsible.

Krafton aims to create “multimedia IP” by  drawing on the Korean fantasy novel series “The Bird That Drinks Tears” by Yeong-do Lee. Currently, the developers do not point to the games directly, but the editors of PcGamesn have read some interesting details about the studio’s plans.

The creators are aware that they are dealing with a very strong source material, because “The Bird That Drinks Tears” uses the culture, history and mythology of South Korea, thanks to which the productions will offer “something completely different” than many AAA games known from the Western market – the authors have the basis for creating completely fresh, unexpected stories.

“A hero who eats his enemy. A sister looking for her beloved brother to kill him. A matriarchal race of reptiles whose hearts are removed to attain immortality. “

With these words, the initiative was presented by the concept artist Iain McCaig, who previously worked on series such as “Star Wars” and “Avengers”. Now, however, the author has an intriguing world at his disposal, which will be extremely astonishing for a Western audience.

Creative Director Son Kwangjae mentioned, among other things, the depiction of the mythological race of snakes from India, which when they mature undergo a ceremony of taking their heart out – the organ is then stored in the tower, and the characters are almost immortal.

The creators are fully aware that they have access to a unique IP, so they do not quite want to compare it with other IPs, but CD Projekt RED’s Witcher is a “role model”  . During the conversation, McCaig added that “The Korean Witcher sounds cool.”

“As a fan of this original novel, I can confidently say that its universe is as creative and limitless as the world of famous fantasy worlds such as The Witcher, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. All the different races, deep stories, backgrounds and themes make the universe really promising, ”explained Son Kwangjae, Art Director

The challenge is not only to create the first game to be developed under the code name Project Windless, but also to look at the project much more broadly – that’s why The Witcher is a benchmark of quality for the studio.

“All this amazes me over and over again, even when I am working. The Witcher video game is based on the original novel and, ironically, it was thanks to this game that the novel became more famous in the world. Since then, IP has been produced as a movie and has grown into a global IP loved by many. In this respect, The Witcher is a good role model for us. Our goal is similar: to provide originality and high-quality experiences. As we are focused on the exploration of the original novel, there is currently no work that we are particularly inspired by, “added Son Kwangjae.

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