Players discover secret method to kill Kraid in Metroid Dread

Players discover secret method to kill Kraid in Metroid Dread

The second boss of Metroid Dread, Kraid, can be defeated according to a secret method discovered by some players: here’s how it works, there is also the video.

Metroid Dread boasts a number of splendid boss fights, and apparently there are alternative ways to complete them. This is the case of Kraid , who can be defeated by following a secret method discovered by some players.

The new episode of the Nintendo series hides some secrets in terms of design, and there is a possibility that even this “trick” is among the things imagined by the developers.

In this case, the boss fight with Kraid was formally designed to take place before Samus gets hold of the bombs that can be released in morphosphere mode . But what happens if you get to the clash with the available bombs?

As illustrated in the GameXplain video , the Metroid Dread protagonist can get the bombs early using an improvised passage and use them to defeat Kraid within seconds.

To see the result, it actually seems that the devastating explosive attack on the boss was somehow intended and intended. Will this be the truth? And what other secrets does Metroid Dread hide? We will certainly find out in the coming weeks.

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