Head writer Stephanie Zachariadis departs Fallout London team to join Bethesda Game Studios as associate quest designer

  • Stephanie “Siren” Zachariadis, the main writer for the unofficial London addon for Falout 4, has left the project and is now at Bethesda, reported in the Mod Discord channel.
via @FalloutLondon
  • As indicated in Zachariadis’s LinkedIn account, the girl received the position of assistant designer of quests. Whether she is working on a particular game is unknown.

  • According to the authors of London, the departure of Zachariadis will not affect the development of the modification in any way, since the main plot is already completely ready and it just needs to be implemented.
  • One of the main tasks of Zachariadis was to create a “bridge” that could unite the first two games of the series and London, the events of which will unfold in 2237 – between Fallout and Fallout 2.
  • Fallout: London is being developed on the fourth part of the RPG engine. According to the authors, the addon will be comparable in size to full-fledged add-ons and will retain all the features of the original franchise.
  • When exactly the modification will be released is unknown.
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