Legacy of Kain is to receive a remake or remaster. Crystal Dynamics is said to be responsible for the game

The Legacy of Kain brand has not received new productions for a long time, but everything is expected to change in 2021. Square Enix is ​​said to have reached for highly valued IPs, which, although forgotten by some players, the situation may soon change.

Shpeshal_Nick – an insider known for, among other things, Square Enix’s prediction of movements – confirmed that Crystal Dynamics is to work on refreshing the series . As you know, the developers are currently developing new content for Marvel’s Avengers, but apparently the title with superheroes in the main roles is just one of the items for which the team is currently responsible.

The enhanced Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is set to be introduced to the general public by the end of the year, but it’s hard to say which version the developers have chosen. The guide mentioned that it will be “a remaster rather than a remake”, but we still have to wait for the full presentation. As you know, there are currently many interesting cutlets of varying quality.

It’s worth recalling that Square Enix doesn’t have to wait to show Legacy of Kain until the next big event. Now the publisher organizes his shows himself, during which he will be able to reveal the game without any problems.

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