Lost Judgment: the simultaneous worldwide release has tripled the difficulties for SEGA

Through an interview with Inverse, SEGA’s Kazuki Hosokawa explained that Lost Judgment is the first game in the Yakuza franchise to set itself the goal of being released simultaneously worldwide and this has caused a considerable increase in work.

Hosokawa said: “It has tripled the difficulty for the entire development staff. To date, we have focused on the Japanese market and worked on the game knowing how we would advertise it. With Lost Judgment, however, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to aim for a simultaneous worldwide release, so we had to think about what was appropriate for the product and how to make the qualities of the game understood in each region. “

Despite these additional difficulties , however, Hosokawa says the team continues to work hard on Lost Judgment. This is clearly a new challenge for the development studio, but it looks like it will be able to overcome it.

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