PS5: a new Marvel game in development at PlayStation Studios

PS5 could receive a new video game based on Marvel intellectual property exclusively, according to a dubious rumor.

PS5 and PS4 could have a new game based on a Marvel intellectual property on the way, even in development at a first party team within PlayStation Studios , according to an insider, to be honest not very reliable.

Let’s get our hands on immediately: the source in question seems to be Tidux, a self-styled insider who has a controversial historian to say the least, in fact having missed the target several times compared to how many he has guessed in recent years, so it is difficult to consider the news as solid.

However, the idea is undoubtedly fascinating: according to the character in question, there would be a new Marvel game in development exclusively for PlayStation, therefore probably PS5 and PS4, and it would not seem to be a new Spider-Man, otherwise the thing would have been specified.

“If that’s true, the internet will melt,” Tidux’s message reads, “Insane rumors from multiple sources . Marvel IP – 1P”. It therefore seems to be a Marvel intellectual property, with “1P” which, written like this, seems to refer to a first party production, therefore by one of the PlayStation Studios, unless it means single player.

Sony obviously has direct relationships with Marvel in the cinematic field, although the recent history of friction over the Spider-Man and MCU issue may make it difficult to appropriate another franchise with both Spider-Man, now strictly in the hands of Sony Pictures. 

On the other hand, the Sony exclusives from this point of view have always been focused on this character, with Marvel’s Spider-Man , Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the contents of Marvel’s Avengers, however, always linked to Spider-Man. It could be a character linked to the same universe, such as Carnage or Morbius , the protagonists of their respective film adaptations.

In any case, as we said previously, the source is at least doubtful , so take it all as a simple rumor to be demonstrated.

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