Mass Effect 4 – characters from the trilogy that have a great chance to appear in the new version of the brand

Mass Effect 4 is just a matter of time – BioWare announced to the world a few months ago that it is developing another part of the brand. If you are interested in what – in my opinion – the heroes from the trilogy may appear in it, check out the article below.

The new Mass Effect is still a big puzzle. Fans of the largest brand BioWare very often weave theories about the upcoming installment of the series, writing about what threads will be touched, where and when will take place, or who we will meet on our way. The most likely scenario for today is the merger of the Milky Way with Andromeda and the presentation of the action even 700 years after the events of the Reapers. As a reminder – the wrinkles on Lara’s face (from the revealing trailer) make it clear that the asari is no longer slightly more than a hundred springs on the nape, and even 700-800 years old.

Assuming that the action of the game will take us into a really distant future, we can boldly consider what old, good faces we could meet on our previously unknown path. The writers responsible for creating the story about Commander Shepard and his companions in most cases accurately mapped the age of the individual characters in the trilogy, so thanks to the content-rich lexicon, preparing the list that you are about to see was a piece of cake for a die-hard fan of the brand.

Liara T’Soni

As I mentioned a moment ago, the inclusion of Lara in the first official material promoting Mass Effect 4 was not accidental. The archaeologist – in my opinion – will play a large role in the upcoming game and I think she will be one of the most respected people in the world. Her knowledge of Protheans and Reapers will be appreciated and used, for example, to create an advanced technology (perhaps even a transmitter connecting the Milky Way with the Andromeda galaxy?) That will help humanity’s development. Who knows, maybe we will even control it in given sequences.


While the return of our beloved Urdnot Wrex is simply impossible (Kroganin was already in ME3 over a thousand years old, i.e. he was already at a time when his heart could stop at any moment), his subordinate belonging to the same clan, The ground can still roll the world. According to information from ME2, the brave companion on the suicide mission at the Collectors base was exactly 22 years old (he spent some time in this tank, right?). He is a bit short of a “thousand” and if he has not committed any stupidity in our absence, there is a good chance that there will be a place for him in ME4. After all, after the antics in the Citadel DLC expansion pack, a large part of the community liked him a lot, so his return would be approved.


EDI is a machine, so it can live until someone disconnects the cables that support its life. In this case, it was integrated into the main core of Normandy, so as long as the ship exists, our companion will also. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say whether this AI has a chance to appear in ME4 as well, because the chance that Commander Shepard’s frigate will exist for roughly 700 years in the old or restored version is slim. However, there is a slight chance that the Alliance will use EDI and, for example, assign it to control some things on the Citadel.


How many years Proteans can live has never been revealed. They died out thousands of years ago, although we can talk to one of their representatives, Javik, often on our ship. According to his words, it took the Reapers over 300 years to exterminate his species, so it can be assumed in advance that a Prothean lifespan is at least several centuries. They’re so technologically advanced that I wouldn’t be surprised if Javik somehow got his five minutes in ME4 in an interesting way.

Miranda Lawson

Surprised? I’m sure you are! In the BioWare series, people can live for about 150 years, so at first glance, a former Cerberus officer has no chance of enjoying life for the next few centuries. However, during the conversations in the “two”, the woman reveals a lot of interesting information about her father and the improvements that he decided to implement in his daughter’s body. It is thanks to them that Miranda owes her powerful, biotic skills and the ability to regenerate her wounds faster, so we cannot rule out the possibility that, thanks to additional implants, Lawson will be able to enjoy her life much longer than other representatives of her species.

Commander Shepard

In this paragraph, I will give myself to the reins of fantasy – the return of Commander Shepard is unlikely, and in a way I am happy about it. For me he is a hero and I wouldn’t want that to change by forcing him into ME4. As the saying goes: you need to know when to let the legend go.

Even so, Canadian developers have the door open to bring it back to life by opting for the red ending. As you know, it is in him that Shepard experiences. He is certainly seriously injured and it is possible that his “punctured” body may recover from the commander in special capsules (as was the case with the Ryder mother in Andromeda). And how long it will lie there depends entirely on the scriptwriters.

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