Mass Effect Legendary Edition: An infographic reveals all the choices of the players

Mass Effect is a series where choices matter. In fact, almost all the episodes change a lot based on how you decided to play, which companions to choose and how to behave. Everyone, therefore, has played “their” Mass Effect and for this reason Bioware has decided to summarize the decisions of all the players in an interesting infographic of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition .

It starts from the first, that is the sex of Shepard, up to the most delicate, which for perhaps of things would ruin the game for those who had never finished one of the three episodes of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

So, don’t go ahead if you don’t want spoilers .

Very important, for example, is Shepard’s background, but it’s also interesting to find out which teammates are most likely to survive the Suicide Mission. Obviously, a part on the protagonist’s romantic relationships could not be missing.

Here’s what emerges:

  • Mordin is the character least likely to survive the suicide mission
  • Wrex survived the Virmire mission for 94% of the players
  • 4% of players have exiled the fan favorite Tali
  • Most Shepards punch reporters

Additionally, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is currently on sale on the following platforms:

  • Origin: from today until July 29th
  • PlayStation: from today until August 4th
  • Xbox: from today until August 5th
  • Steam: July 29 to August 2
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