Mass Effect Legendary Edition in first person? Possible with a mod, but with limitations

Building on work done in 2019 on his previous Mass Effect 2 first-person mod , content creator known as Jade has expanded the perimeter of his fan made patch to introduce first person view across all “social areas” of the remastered trilogy. of BioWare’s sci-fi blockbuster.

The enthusiast of Commander Shepard’s role-playing epic who shaped this project explains that his First Person Mode allows N7 Spectrum emulators to detach themselves from the third-person camera to switch to a more immersive first-person view in areas that are not they involve fighting, like the Normandy or the Citadel neighborhoods .

The system devised by the modder provides for a smooth transition of the frame from the third to the first person (and vice versa) in the dialogue sessions and in the phases in which it is necessary to engage in a fight against the enemies of the Systems Alliance and the alien races coalesced with the human beings.

Jade’s work is completely free to download from the NexusMods pages. Before leaving to the comments, have you already read the news of the absence of Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 4 from EA Play Live 2021?


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