Mass Effect Legendary Edition will find us again with the acclaimed Bioware saga several years after the completion of its beloved trilogy. However, this remastered compilation will not present the same content as the three installments, but has made some changes and, above all, important improvements.

The announcement of its release date,  Mass Effect Legendary Edition to land on May 14 , has released new information and details about this special edition. Apart from the graphic adjustments and the addition of practically all subsequent DLCs, several more changes are being known.

Some shots and camera shots will be readjusted , shots that are sure to be remembered by many players. In an interview with Metro, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition development team reported on this decision.

We talked about some shots that focused on the figure of Miranda Lawson, specifically her butt. It seems that the Bioware team wants to readjust these plans to offer a less focused point of view. Mac Walters, editor of this edition, commented the following:

Kevin Meek, the character director, commented that some camera shots were just … “why is he focusing on Miranda’s butt?” So in some cases we said, “Okay, we can make a change on this.” 

According to the manager, the complete character models have not been changed, but the planes and angles have been readjusted and this has been “a decision that was made as part of many creative decisions to show everything with the greater fidelity possible and that we could move on.

Among other novelties,  the extended ending of Mass Effect 3 is already canon and will be the one that we will see in Mass Effect Legendary Edition by default. Recently, BioWare has explained the changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, as, for example, there will be no Pinnacle Station DLC.