Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a success: sales beyond expectations for EA

Collection of the first three chapters of the series released between 2007 and 2012, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been well received by fans, happy to be able to relive after years the space epic of Commander Shepard and his companions complete with all the contents and technically perfected.

Apparently even Electronic Arts said she was very satisfied with the commercial results obtained from the game by BioWare released in May 2021 on PC , PS4 and Xbox One , also playable in backward compatibility on SS5 and Xbox Series X / S . In fact, during a conference call with shareholders, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that ” the launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition has rekindled fans’ passion for the franchise around the world, recording sales well beyond our expectations” Wilson does not provide exact numbers regarding the commercial performance of the collection, but EA’s reaction is undoubtedly encouraging for the future of the franchise.

Previously, by the way, Mass Effect Legendary Edition became the most played BioWare title in the world. always on Steam , as a further indication of the excellent reception reserved for the game by fans.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Recall that BioWare is already working on the new Mass Effect shown at The Game Awards 2020 . Since then, however, information on the future of the franchise has been very limited, with a very long wait.



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