Mass Effect Theory Predicts How Commander Shepard Could Be in the New Game

We are still waiting for more details about the new Mass Effect already being developed for the current generation consoles. The production was announced at last year’s awards gala in the gaming industry – The Game Awards – and BioWare has not revealed any details since then. Worse, it will not happen during this year’s EA Play Live event , as reported by the Canadian studio.

In the meantime, a huge crowd of fans of the Mass Effect brand is not idle and is still wondering, what direction the fifth, full-fledged edition of the science fiction series will take. One of the Redditors decided to refresh the trilogy with  Mass Effect: Legendary Edition , and during the game he came across an interesting dialogue.

This is a conversation between Garrus and Commander Shepard, which only occurs when you have purchased the Ashes DLC – the one he adds to Javik’s crew. A Turian companion mentions a massive war here and the idea of ​​hibernating the first human specter for up to 50,000 years to become a legend.

Spoiler alert!

The piquancy of the whole situation is added by the fact that the said extension was made available for purchase after the scriptwriters had prepared the story layer in the base, so the authors of the trilogy had full scope to show off by creating new threads. Perhaps they were already winking at us then and now, on the basis of – for many – such a trivial dialogue, they will decide to bring Shepard back to life? Looking at the trailer for ME4, the canonical ending will be the red one where the commander survived. Chances are he was just … frozen for thousands of years as a result of his injuries.

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