Mass Effect – 14 years after the game’s release, a very rare scene was discovered taking place on Eden Prime

Over three months ago, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was released  . The pack of remastered games focusing on the Commander Shepard trilogy allowed both old and new players to get to know once again / for the first time the history of the first human specter. 

What’s most interesting, however, one of the fans of the brand decided to kiss – literally – all invisible walls in search of new flavors. He did not have to look for a long time, because already during the first main mission in ME1 he came across one of the most, if not the rarest, scene in the entire trilogy.

It can be found near the Protean relay, which was first interacted with by Saren, and then by Ashley Williams. In order to witness the cut-scene that you are about to see, we have to bypass the device on the left side and approach the railing – then the camera will change its place and we will be able to look at the destroyed human colony.

I finished my first Mass Effect probably four times, but never came across this scene. And how did it look like with you?

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