Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – a prequel that was to be ahead of its time

Otherwise, there are allegations of safe coupon cutting. How do I get out of it? An important aspect is to guide the threads in a way that does not capture any value or even the sense of the history that is already present. Speaking of history, the Metal Gear cycle, due to the richness of its content, must coincide depending on the times and characters. What if suddenly the prequel – expectation or otherwise – turns out to be the best piece of the puzzle? Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is still a signpost for the rest of the developers who are trying to return to the roots of their original projects. And although Capcom did it a few years earlier with Resident Evil Zero and later Devil May Cry 3, Snake Eater still stands out the most. Not only because of the fictional caviar funded by the former Kojima Productions.

Generation back

The project was planned with the planned successor to the old PlayStation 2 in mind. Ultimately, time was pressing. Almost three years have passed since the premiere of Sons of Liberty, while work began shortly after the premiere of Raiden’s debut. Big Boss has always been the icon of the saga, so the choice of this character appeared to be a dream come true for fans who still remembered the times of MSX, which saw two historical editions. Long before PlayStation. Thanks to the adoption of such a concept, millions of players had the opportunity to learn about the origins of Naked Snake, which, moreover, was very skillfully woven into the real story. The years of the Cold War proved to be a solid foundation for tales of spies, the arms race, loss of trust, and ultimate sacrifice in the name of values ​​probably practiced only by the soldiers themselves.

Snake Eater perfectly captures the topic of politics that uses contractual dedication to serving the country as a backdrop to business and the growing war industry. These are the times of the birth and fall of the heroes we have remembered for years in numerous columns, reviews and video materials. There are dozens of interpretations of the difficult relationship between Snake and The Boss. The series is famous for its ambiguous message, often using supernatural phenomena while maintaining the authenticity of historical facts. Snake Eater deals with the pages of humanity written in the 20th century in most of all scenes.  The script took up an old arms race, but the technology planned by the studio was theoretically ahead of its time. This time, Kojima decided to choose the natural environment as the center of the player and the possibilities offered by the game system. The sterility and the closed nature of the location in the two great predecessors resulted, of course, from the limitations of the target platforms. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in my eyes still remains a technical retro-wonder.

Rarely, in the first years of the PlayStation 2 term, we found a title that offers 60 frames per second. Sons of Liberty came out completely in spite of offering a modern-generation setting. Back then, no one made such a sensation out of it, right? When the management of the then Konami decided to produce still for the well-worn PS2, it was not without a reduction of the existing concept. Despite this, the team managed to achieve really interesting results. Although the smoothness of the game regressed to 30 frames, the audiovisual setting was amazing. Such a jungle has not been seen in console games for a long time. In addition, on the technically weakest 6th generation equipment. The sound was impressive like the memorable rain hitting the deck of the famous tanker introducing you to the events of MGS2.

Hungry snake

New environment, new possibilities. Even today, when launching the title as part of the refreshed edition, we can still observe a multitude of previously and later unique attractions along with technical innovations. The biggest surprise was the presentation of the game in the same style as before. In other words, Free Camera was still missing. I remember the numerous complaints of players that the unchanged camera was a great obstacle during the game. The requests were fulfilled with the extended edition of Subsistence, today a collector’s artifact. From my perspective, I was playing the title a few months after my debut while still in possession of the standard edition of the game. The camera did not affect the reception in any way. I tried to use new, previously unknown possibilities of stealth, taking advantage of the natural environment. Visually, the first minutes after landing in the classic “Rambo II” style (when the hero lost his equipment during the jump) were struck by the detail in the form of the presence of sunlight and shading strips on the trees. It was all about illusory plays, but the end result did the job.

When the project was yet to hit PlayStation 3, the presence of many animals was assumed, but the concept was verified by the decision to redirect the work to PS2. However, there were also the title snakes or squirrels, and even crocodiles in the flooded areas. Survival turned out to be the key to success. And this was relatively transferred to the game world. Feeling hungry, regenerating while sleeping, hunting and gathering resources, as well as an extensive character healing system. Yes, everything happened through the submenu window, but the degree of game variety is still impressive today. And apparently it’s Far Cry 3 is considered the first species marriage. While dialogues, taking up the topic of the arms race between the three great powers of the first half of the twentieth century or directing cutscenes are the essence in themselves, the battles with bosses are equally remembered by me. Especially one, the course of which is still a phenomenal experience, something like the legendary meeting with Psycho Mantis. Clash with The End. The makeshift harmless image concealed an innate talent for sniper elimination.

The scenario places the player in a fairly large area, which is also a maneuver for the opponent’s sniper eye. It was up to us to use the relief or time itself. We could defeat The End with his own weapon – patience. How? See for yourself best. Snake Eater’s camouflage option seemed indispensable for this unforgettable part of the game.On the other hand, the journey through one’s conscience thanks to the paranormal projection of the Sorrow was very exciting. The only thing that can be mentioned about the finale is that he turned the whole story upside down, deciding who was only a pawn, and who was the real hero of the story. Narrative mastery, which you will not find in the later installments of the series. And it’s in the form of a prequel to the universe. It is a pity that today’s Konami squanders the achievements of Snake Eater in subsequent variations of pachinko. I think Kojima would have been turning over in his grave if he had been dead.

Time Paradox

This sentence appeared instead of the classic words “Game Over”. After all, we didn’t have to die at all, because using the Revival Pill was enough. In fact, Big Boss could not die, because his legacy in the form of two twins had to come true here. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is also a sensational introduction and a nod to Agent 007’s tickets. Cynthia Harrel’s “Snake Eater” still sounds intriguing. The artist has already graced the players with her impressive voice timbre in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997, Konami).

So you can think that it is a game without flaws. Of course it is an exaggeration. It had quite a lot of them, such as longer loading screens or stability problems, but those were the times just before the flood of experts on the Internet. Back then, very few people were bothered by technical deficiencies. Both players and reviewers were delighted. In fact, they are still today. The game received several incarnations after years – the HD collection and a version dedicated to Nintendo 3DS, Snake Eater 3D. What are your experiences with this epochal title?

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