Metal Gear Solid: A remake is in development, according to AccountNGT

Metal Gear Solid: A remake is in development, according to AccountNGT

According to the sources of the well-known leaker AccountNGT, a remake of Metal Gear Solid is currently in the works.

According to the sources of AccountNGT , a leaker who in recent times has gained some fame due to his tips on Star Wars Eclipse, a remake of Metal Gear Solid is currently in the works , even if the deep throat has been somewhat stingy in details. .

When asked if a remake of the Solid Snake companies is in development, Account NGT replied with a cryptic “yes”, without however adding other details, such as who is developing it and for which platforms or if it is about a remake of the first Metal Gear Solid or the third chapter, as suggested by several rumors that circulated last October and that saw the Virtuos team participate in the project .

In short, for the moment we just have to wait for any news. AccountNGT in recent months has become known above all after having “guessed” various information on Star Wars Eclipse before the official announcement, while in more recent times it has foreseen Sony’s State of Play dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy and the inclusion of various games of Star Wars in Nvidia’s GeForce Now service . Having said that, we are still talking about unofficial and impossible to verify information, so we recommend taking everything with a grain of salt.


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