Metal Gear Solid Remakes won’t just be a visual overall

Let’s go back to talking about Metal Gear Solid , unfortunately still with rumors whose reliability is to be demonstrated, which speak of a possible remake by Bluepoint that would involve changes not only to the graphics of the game.

To begin with, let’s immediately clarify that this rumor comes from the alleged insider KatharsisT on ResetEra: it is precisely the same source that has carried on for months the rumor about the new Silent Hill for PS5 in development at Sony Japan , pulling with it a good part of the videogame information, only to get to the point of having to review the issue in the face of the evidence of the closure of the team by Sony.

Probably not a very good business card as a person informed of the facts, however he continues to enjoy some credit as a “verified insider” at the forum in question, so his statements immediately trigger various speculations that, at least, open interesting discussions.

In this case, KatharsisT intervened to report that Metal Gear Solid Remake is in development, another rumor that it had already launched some time ago, and that it will not be just an update with changes to the graphics. To those who pointed out that content changes without the direct involvement of Hideo Kojima could be suspicious, the alleged insider added that “Bluepoint is one of the most promising teams in the industry”, and being so talented they could “redo any game, even modifying the contents without fear of quality “.

With this, in fact, he would also have reported that Bluepoint, the team that seemed to have been acquired by Sony , only to have perhaps denied the question , is working on the remake of Metal Gear Solid. Let’s take it all as a simple rumor of a summer weekend.


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