Metro Exodus save transfer to PS5 and Xbox Series will disappoint you a lot or a little

Metro Exodus is one of the shooters whose technical section has received the most congratulations in recent years, something that even those of us who are not too interested in the genre can recognize. In this sense, it is not surprising that many have tracked down all the qualities of the game in the new generation of consoles , although ultimately the save transfers function has ended up being a fairly widespread ‘meh’ .

More than one will have to replay some parts of Metro Exodus on PS5 and Xbox Series

In the case of PS5 there is no transfer whatsoever, and in the case of Xbox Series there is mostly , although in general 4A Games offers certain ‘solutions’ that may convince some. The differences in the transfer of save by platform are the following (via VGC ):

  • On PS5 : No transfer possible. However, 4A Games has developed a series of chapters with predetermined equipment that the player can select to jump more or less to the point in the story where they had left the game on PS4. Logically, the big disadvantage is that all possible equipment obtained during the original game (and some other previous decisions) is lost here.
  • On Xbox Series : The only things that don’t transfer are Quick Saves and Autosaves . Therefore it is recommended to complete the current chapter before upgrading to the next generation version. The save also keeps all the equipment obtained by the player up to that point.

It is not an ideal solution, but at least there is an alternative. It’s clear that PS5 players are the worst offenders in this case , but it’s not the first time we’ve seen save transfer get lost in the way of generational leap. At least, as compensation, it is known that the DualSense will have some of those functions that make it such a unique command , as you will find in the shared article.

The next-gen version of Metro Exodus is available for PS5 and Xbox Series starting today .

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